Step One:  Each one of us must admit that we need each other or our need for relationships. Two are better than one. – Ecclesiastes 4:9. God builds His kingdom through revelation and relationship.

Step two:  Relationships cannot be Forced….instead it must be birthed by God. Pray for Favor, take initiative, and trust God with the results. If there is no connection by the Holy Ghost and no reciprocation by the individual or from people, leave it alone. Pressure and manipulation are neither good signs nor right character traits to look for in a healthy relationship.

Step Three: There are different levels of Relationships. there are both inner and outer relationships; both casual and intimate. You can not force every relationship into a level of your own making, some relationships are for a reason, some for a season, and some for a lifetime.

Step Four: No deposit no return. if you don’t make any deposits in any given relationship, you cannot make withdrawals. You cannot have the right to correct or instruct someone without first investing time and encouragement into them.

Step Five: Every relationship will be tested. Even Jesus’ disciples left Him except for the twelve, John 6:66. Later, at His crucifixion, each of the twelve ran away in fear of their own lives.

Step Six: Genuine Relationships are worth the Risk. Luke 6:12-14 – Jesus spent all His time, all night in prayer seeking the father about the twelve men He would pour Himself into, who would carry on His mission.

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