As The Light to Nations ministry, we believe we are called and raised to counter the crisis in the Family which has led many to the valley of confusion, frustration, and disappointment, even taking many married people to the point of death, where many have lost their lives as a result of a bad marriage.

It is so crucial that we understand and agree on this institution called “marriage”. This is God’s institution, God Himself created and initiated it right from the beginning; In Genesis 1:26, it must be well understood that for one to build and keep the marriage working, one should have the light of God’s word which only sustains it or otherwise. There are three foundations in this world on which people base on when building and keeping their marriage.

a) Traditional or Cultural Foundation.

b) Modern and Intellectual Foundation.

c) Godly and Scriptural Foundation.

Whatever we see in our marriages today is just a direct result of the foundation on which people choose to build and keep their marriages based on. As a ministry, we feel called and raised to give a significant and tangible contribution as regards how someone can have a healthy and joyful marriage as God Himself has intended it to be. God intended Marriage to be the source of all positive morals and values in all humanity, we can simply say, God gives us life and a sense of living in this life through the families where we are born from.

God loves and cares for the family, but it is our responsibility as married people from both parties to willingly cooperate with Him through His word in order to overcome all the challenges, the storms and the winds of darkness which attacks the family. So as a ministry, it is one of the major priorities and focus to share some biblical truths which we believe will set many free from unbelief and ignorance about marriage, in order for one to enjoy this beautiful gift of marriage.

We strongly believe that God has a special unique plan on Men and on Women to use them for the advancement of His kingdom. They all have a role and a unique call upon their lives to play.


We intend to help men discover their responsibilities and come into a covenant relationship one with others in order to serve, strengthen and edify one another, be accountable to one another; for them to be a reflection of Christ as husbands and fathers in their respective homes, as servants in their churches, examples in their workplace, manifesting the true nature of Christ in our world to be called “The Mighty Men of Valor” (Acts 17:6).


We also intend to help women discover their responsibilities and come into a covenant relationship one with the other in order to serve, strengthen and edify one another; to be a reflection of Christ as wives and mothers in our homes, as servants in their respective churches, and as examples in their workplace. Also, to have a closer, more intimate relationship with Christ, and to become burning extravagant Worshipers. So that they may be called; “The Virtuous Woman” (Proverbs 31:10).