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Address: Kigali, Rwanda
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James KAREGEYA is an apostle (a messenger of God) by calling; he carries an apostolic and prophetic grace on his life. By the grace of God, he operates and can be used in different graces as the Holy Spirit leads.


Apostle James Karegeya started serving God as an evangelist after High School.  He served in Faith Center Ministries under the leadership of Bishop Peter Kamuzinzi. During that time, he opened churches in Bugesera, in the Eastern part of Rwanda.  From there he joined a Bible School in Uganda where he acquired a Diploma in Theology.

In 2005 he moved to the capital city (Kigali) where he planted a church in his own vision and ministry called Jubilee Temple. He has trained, raised and mentored many spiritual sons and daughters who are now actively serving as Pastors, Evangelists, and Teachers of the word in Rwanda, Burundi and in Uganda.

The apostolic grace upon his life brought him to different countries of Africa, like South-Africa, Swaziland, Ethiopia, and in the whole of EastAfrican countries where he has been teaching the word, encouraging and preaching the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ

By the grace of God, he has conducted and organized several trips with different groups of people from East-African countries, leading and taking them to the blessed land of Israel.

In the year 2012 during his second trip in the USA on an apostolic mission, the Lord spoke to him and strongly reminded him of his original position and calling in the kingdom, to fully set himself apart for the work of a Preacher and Apostle of the true gospel to the nations (Timothy 1:11).

He is called to strengthen, build, train, and equip the body of Christ to respond to the Great Commission (Mathew 28:18-20). That encounter with the lord while in the USA is the reason for the birth of the Light to Nations ministry.

He currently enrolled back in a Bible College where he is pursuing his degree in Biblical Studies, to become more equipped for the noble task which the Lord has entrusted to him.


Apostle James Karegeya is happily married to one wife Dr. Sarah Budoromyi and God has blessed them with three beautiful girls.


There are people in my life that I love and Respect, who have been a great inspiration in my walk with the Lord, through their lifestyle and character in serving God. I can’t mention each and every one of them to give a detailed description of them, but I will mention but a few:

Pastor Robert KAYANJA – Miracle Center, Uganda; This man of God has inspired many including me to love God, to serve and to be consistent and faithful in ministry; his momentum and passion have challenged many. Keep being a real model to nations.

Chris Liebenberg and his dear wife Tertia – South Africa; They are great friends and an amazing source of encouragement and support in my life since 2008.  I can’t forget your love and your example of humility in serving God, you are a great encouragement in my life and in my marriage. God bless you.

Dr and Bishop Emily WANGUI – Nakuru, Kenya; this Woman of God has been a great mentor in my life and the whole of my big family; she has contributed a lot to my life in the area of prayer and generosity which has been my lifestyle too. You are a blessing woman of God.

Bishop Joseph LIKAVO – Eldoret-Kenya, this man of God is also a great encouragement in my life and to my family; he has a big heart for people and for nations. Keep inspiring many.

Apostle Joshua MASASU – Kigali Rwanda, this man of God and his dear wife, are of great encouragement also in our lives as a family. You inspire many through your life and character in the ministry.

And many more…God bless you all.

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