The Bible says that faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God, (Romans 10:17). There are two main key ingredients that grows our faith in God that i want to share with you here, because the scripture says that it is in the gospel that the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith…Romans 1:17, which means here that Faith grows.

Two scriptural and Spiritual ingredients which grows our Faith.

a) The word of God:

7 – Things the Word Does to me:

  1. The word created me and gave birth to me – the word is my life. John 1:3,12. 2Corinth 5:17, 1Peter 1:23, James 1;18.
  2. The word builds me. Acts 20:32.
  3. The word gives / delivers me an in-heritance. Acts 20:32 part B.
  4. The word cleanses us. John 15:3
  5. The word is food for my Spirit and the word Nourishes me. Mathew 4:4, John 6:35,47-51
  6. The word gives me Light and Direction. Psalm 119:105, 130. John 8:12
  7. The word prolongs my Days. Deuteronomy 32:45-47.

b) Consistent Effective Prayer:

The Importance of Prayer in A life of a believer:

a) Prayer Activates the Power and Authority in you as a believer. Mathew 17:20-21

b) Prayer Reveals your Identity in Christ: Ephesians 1:16-22, 2:10. Colossians 2:9-10

c) Prayer Accelerates and elevates us to a place of co-working with God. Mathew 10: 8, 2 Corinthians 2:14-17.

d) Prayer Increases our fellowship with the Holy-Spirit because God created us purposely for fellowship & relationship. Revelation 4:11, 2 Corinthians 3:13-18.

Enemies of Prayer:

a) Un-forgiveness – Mark 11:25-26

b) Un-belief

c) The flesh. 1Corinth 9:25-27

d) The world which consists of the following. i) The Lust of the flesh, ii) The Lust of the eyes, iii) The pride of life. 1 John 2:15-17

e) The devil; Satan hates it so much for us to have an intimate fellowship with our heavenly father coz he knows that it’s the source of our strength, victory, success breakthrough and having a joyful life in the Spirit. 1Peter 5:7-9.


6 Great Confessions of our Solid-Faith:

  1. God is to me who the word says He is. 1John 4:8, John 20:17, 1John 3:1, Deuteronomy 33:27.
  2. Jesus Christ is to me who the word says He is. 1 Corinth. 1:30
  3. The Holy-Spirit is to me who the word says He Is, John 14:16-17
  4. I am what the word says I am, 2Corinth. 5:17,21, Ephesians 2:10. Romans 8:16-17, Colossians 2:10
  5. I have what the word says I have. 1 Corinth. 3:21, 11Peter 1:3-4
  6. I can do what the word says I can do. Philippians 4:13. Psalms 82:6-7.


Spiritual Keys to Increase or Provoke Favor on my life.

a) Honour

b) Value – The capacity to giving solutions and adding value to yourself as an individual.

c) Making good Relationships or advantageous connections, this is an investment.

d) God’s Favor – anointing.  Ester 2:15-17.

e) Favor Provocative Prayers.


5 – Pillars for Kingdom Influence:

a) Growth and Transformation. Luke 2:52, this is sustaining superior beliefs which are consistent with the word of God.

b) Value and Productivity – Exodus 31:4, Proverbs 18:16, 1kings 7:13-14.

c) Wisdom and Excellence – Daniel 5:12-15, 6:2, Ephesians 3:10.

d) Wealth and Abundance – Proverbs 22:2,7, Genesis 42:1-2, Ecclesiastes 9:14-16.

e) The Supernatural – walking in the supernatural.


Preserving Your Identity.

  • When your Identity is attacked, then it’s your Destiny which is being targeted.
  • if you lose your Identity, your destiny is ruined or destroyed.
  • Your Identity is always attached to your destiny.  Daniel 1:1-19. in this scripture, we find the story of Daniel and his three Hebrew brothers, whose names were tried to be changed. In God’s will or plan, God changed the name of Abram to Abraham which means father of many nations, and he was made to be the heir of the whole world. Romans 4:13, Galatians 3:29.
  • E.g., Daniel means God is my judge.
  • Hananiah means Grace, Mercy or Gift of God.
  • Meshael means Humanitarian and Generous individual, who is asked for.
  • Azariah means helped by God or my strength is Yahweh.
  1. Belteshazzar instead means son or crown prince of Nabonidus/ bel to protect the king.
  2. Shadrach means tender / command of AKU an idol.
  3. Meshack means who is what the god AKU is, the Babylonian god.
  4. Abednego also means a servant of light or of Nebo, the Babylonian god.


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